Electronic Operating Panel

SFC’s Electronic Operating Panels are a leading technical solution enabling a client to control a sequence of actuated valves at a safe and accessible vantage point. A typical application could be a Pigging exercise but it is not limited to this and can support a wide range of inherently dangerous activities.  The panel has open and closed push buttons, which enable an operator to control a series of actuated valves together with LEDs to confirm valve status. The Operating Panels feature a pressure display, which shows the pressure levels of pig traps, as one example. Only when all four valves are closed and confirmed by the red LED status lights, the operator can isolate the panel by removing the ‘A’ Key, which is then entered into the solenoid key unit and ONLY when the DCS confirms all valves are closed, a permit signal is sent to energise the solenoid and release the ‘B’ key. The ‘B’ key starts the sequence of locking the valves closed, prior to gaining access to the vessel via the DL3 door interlock. The panel conforms to Zone 1 Ex de classification.


Providing absolute control of a sequence of actuated valves set around a pig trap – Zone 1 Ex de classified and suitable for the most extreme environments